About Us


GoConex and GoRave products are made by Levven Electronics.

Levven means life.

At Levven, our vision is to change the world for the better where we can.

Our focus is on improving people’s lives with simple, affordable controls. For us, simple goes beyond use; it includes production, resources and integration.

To accomplish something of significant scope, it’s going to take vision, innovation, and drive. Everyone who is a part of Levven understands and lives this truth.

Core Values

Our values guide us as a company, as individuals, and what we bring to our customers.

  1. Do what we say we are going to do, fully delivered, on time, no excuses
  2. Innovate all-ways, featuring simplicity
  3. Take action
  4. We go together


With two decades of experience as a development and contract manufacturer, we are leveraging our skills, talents and facilities to improve the lives of everyday people with simple affordable controls.

Levven has a 30-year history in the high-tech electronics industry. From our beginning in 1983 as a “Centre for Engineering Excellence” within the University of Alberta, we have evolved and expanded into a vibrant, market-focused manufacturer.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, our team specializes in the design, manufacturing, and sales of simple, affordable controls. We work with professional contractors, distributors, and OEMs to help create responsive spaces for everyday people.

Go Brands by Levven is the result of our passion and our way to improve the lives of people around the world. Explore the GoRave audio and GoConex control web sites.

Leadership Team

James KeirsteadJames-Keirstead-President-and-CEO

President and CEO

James is responsible for managing the vision and growth of Levven Electronics, developing and executing long-term corporate strategies, and building relationships with partners, stakeholders and investors.

He is a life-long entrepreneur with a commitment to innovation, excellence and enhancing people’s lives. Prior to founding Levven, James transformed a struggling local manufacturer into a successful international company.

James is an active member and contributor to several entrepreneur organizations including Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO Edmonton), Alberta Women Entrepreneurs, and Rainforest Alberta.

James’ drive for success also extends into other facets of his life. He’s completed Iron Man competitions and mountain bike races. In one extreme challenge, he swam 15 km across the Northumberland Strait from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island.

When he isn’t focused on the business, you can find him with his family in Edmonton.

Marv VerlageMarv-Verlage-VP-Sales-&-Marketing-and-Partner

Vice President (Sales & Marketing) and Partner

Marv is responsible for product vision, systems strategies, and customer service.

He was the founder of Martech Marketing, a respected and successful outsourced sales company serving manufacturers in the electrical industry. He grew Martech into a nation-wide company and was its President for 25 years.

Marv was a member of TEC Canada, a peer-advisory organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of emerging companies. He contributed to group sessions led by local business leaders and visiting TEC speakers.

When Marv isn’t coming up with business answers, you can find him touring on his motorcycle in summer, carving mountain backcountry on his snowmobile in winter, or spending time with his family.

Jim Qualie, PEngJim Qualie-PEng-Director-of-Research-and-Development-and-Co-founder

Director of Research and Development, and Co-founder

Jim is responsible for product development and leading the Research and Development Team at Levven.

He received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta, specializing in robotics and embedded systems.

Since 2001, Jim has brought several products to mass production in controls, sensors, asset tracking, lighting, audio, wireless, and networking.

Jim is passionate about the creative process, failing fast, incrementalism, and system architecture.

He is a proud father of 2 children and is a committed learner to building musical instruments, astrophysics, and composing orchestral-electronic hybrid music.

Nimal RodrigoNimal-Rodrigo-Chief-Financial-Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Nimal is a performance-driven Chartered Accountant with 28 years’ experience, 20 years as a financial and operations executive with organizations ranging from large public (SYD: TSX.V, MTK: TSX, INTU: NASDAQ) to start up private companies.

A committed team player with a strong professional network built on results, accountability, compassion and trust.

Kelly-B.-Service-Director-of-MarketingKelly B. Service

Director of Marketing

Kelly is responsible for developing and executing Levven’s marketing strategy, brand management and providing leadership to the Marketing team.

Kelly has 15 years’ experience in senior management Marketing roles including the role of North American Head of Marketing for Wipro Limited’s Energy, Natural Resources, Utilities and Engineering & Construction sectors. He also worked in the public sector serving as the Director of Strategic Marketing for the Enterprise and Advanced Education Ministry in the Government of Alberta.

Kelly holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Alberta and is an perpetual student of today’s most progressive and industry-changing marketing gurus. He thrives on taking the “road less traveled” and enjoys working with his team to produce innovative and effective marketing solutions.

He lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with his wife and two boys. When he’s not trying to be the best marketer/husband/father he can be, he likes to play music with his band, play soccer and tinker with whatever needs tinkering with.