Benefits for Retailers at National Hardware Show

GoConex enables retailers to solve every customer light switch problem with one wire-free product.

Eliminating the wired switch leg eliminates customer barriers to wiring a switch:

  • no wire,
  • no holes,
  • no switch box installation, and
  • no damage to the wall.

Marv, James, and Kelly are exhibiting GoConex at the National Hardware Show for retailers in Las Vegas this week. Visit us at Booth 3111 in the Central Hall (Electrical and Plumbing section).

Marv and James in the GoConex booth on Tuesday morning at the opening of the 2017 National Hardware Show.

What do your customers buy when they purchase an electrical switch for their home or business? What barriers prevent them from buying?

Go to the GoConex Retailer page to explore the positive impact wire-free switching has with DIY customers.

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