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Your Project Matters

The average new home will save 700 feet of copper wire using GoConex wire-free switching.

Eliminating the wired switch leg saves pipe and wire and conserves precious resources. Join us in promoting the best use of our resources for “generations of renovations”.

There are 482,000 commercial buildings in Canada[1] and 5.6 million commercial buildings in the USA[2]. Each year, an estimated 315,000 of those undergo renovations. If 10% of those renovations adopt GoConex wire-free controls, then over 10 years we will save:

– 176,000 tons of copper
– 50,000 tons of steel
– 123,000 tons of plastic
– 16 million tons of CO2 equivalent gasses

Imagine the impact if we eliminated wired switches from all construction in the world.

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