GoConex for Professional Electricians

Faster Installations. Faster Projects. New Value.

GoConex for Professional Electricians

Faster Installations. Faster Projects. New Value.

Increased Labor Capacity – Do More with Existing Crews

Carry less inventory, save time and cash on switch installations, and complete more jobs every month.

Efficiently Allocate Labor

GoConex switches enable trades to do more jobs with the same workforce in less time. Labor improvements are realized in three key areas:

  1. Job Estimations (labor allocation): wire-free switching means accurately estimating and quoting jobs, reducing the time to provide estimates.
  2. Faster Installations: by eliminating materials, associated efforts related to wired switches and the drama around damage or call-backs, crews are able to complete more jobs in less time.
  3. Delivering Complete Jobs: Risk reduction and eliminating uncertainty means even the most complex jobs can be completed in the estimated time, on budget and with high customer satisfaction.

Inventory Reduction, Conservation

GoConex wire-free switching significantly reduces material costs because:

  • Inventory shrinks (less wire, less conduit, and switch boxes are no longer required)
  • Inventory in the warehouse and service vehicles lasts longer
  • Waste is reduced – click here to learn how GoConex impacts the environment and promotes sustainability while saving money

Lower Labor Costs

Troubleshooting GoConex switches is drama-free. With no wired switch leg, it’s easy to move, add, or change what the switch controls… all without cutting and drilling holes, pulling wire, or running into complications.

Commercial and residential switching can be done in a fraction of the time. Pairing switches to controllers and dimmers can happen all at once in the shop before you arrive at the job site. For bigger commercial and residential, the GoConex Cabinet can hold up to 12 controllers together, making wiring, controller access and pairing fast and easy.

Added Profits

A GoConex switch can be paired with an unlimited number of controllers, and a controller can remember pairings with up to 4 separate switches with the GoConex Genius products and 10 separate switches with the GoConex Genius Pro products.

This pairing approach means that trades now have the ability to easily offer and monetize on multi-way, zone, and master switching.

Tradespeople can now simply offer a portable switch and easily provide value for price that benefits both the customer and the trade. As well, trades can enjoy a differentiator that sets them apart from trades that can’t offer similar, affordable solutions.

Added Business Benefits

Design Optimization

There’s no longer any switch mistakes. Simply move the switch if it’s in the wrong place – no damage – no holes – and change what the switch’s control whenever it’s required.

Flexibility and Choice

Switches can change as spaces change. If a wall needs to move, the switch can move. If someone has access restrictions either temporarily or permanently, the switches can adjust. Multi-way, zone, master, portable; all are easily accomplished with minimal effort and time.

Easy Installation

Switch installation has no network or programming to support or manage. Adjustments such as changing what light a switch controls or setting a dimmer’s fire-angle can all happen on-site with no drama.

Add New Value for Your Customers


Let customers access, personalize, and control every GoConex Controller and Switch in the home using their mobile devices.

Choose timer features for any fan or light, set whole-home vacation timers, and create one-touch lighting scenes that can be accessed across devices using the GoConex Gateway and app.

Smart switch installations no longer need to be limited to one or two areas due to cost. GoConex delivers every light, fan, motor, and plug smart-ready without added cost or complexity. GoConex Gateway available in fall 2018.


Zone, master and portable switching provides a new level of security and safety for residential and commercial customers that can be easily be had for a fraction of the cost and time to hard-wire a solution.


Trades can use GoConex to provide dependable and fast switching solutions for customers with temporary or permanent accessibility issues.

Because there is no live voltage at the switch, a GoConex switch can be wherever it needs to be; beside a sink or next to the bathtub.


A master and portable switch provides the means to ensure all the lights are off as your customer walks out the door.

Typical Applications

The GoConex Genius Pro product line provides the wire-free switching power for commercial jobs. With wireless range of 250’ and 20A controllers, commercial switching needs are easily met.

Labor efficiency and reduced material translates into bigger profits and more ability to do more jobs. Less invasive projects also reduce risk around damage and repairing.

No more running conduit along concrete walls for switches. Put a switch wherever one is needed without creative problem solving.  Master switching provides additional benefits ensuring no light is left on at night and enables building security teams to easily turn lights on or off without ever entering a room.

  • Example: Offices, Churches, Schools, Warehouses
    • Wire controllers centrally using the GoConex Cabinet at an accessible location between the power and the conduit running up to the lights
    • Pre-pair switches prior to the job or pair switches with controllers at the cabinet to create zone switching
    • Put switches where required
    • Offer master and portable switching to your customers

These jobs can be very challenging, time consuming and difficult to estimate. Not knowing the condition or location of wire along with plaster, concrete or tile surfaces, increases the amount of time on the job and potential risk of damage. By eliminating switch boxes, wires to the switch, cutting holes/bending conduit and all the time and materials this requires, renovations become easier to estimate and reduces time and risk.

  • Example 1: Adding a new switch on concrete or on tile
    • Install the GoConex controller or dimmer in the electrical box or existing switch box – wherever the neutral is available
    • Pair the switch/switches and controller/controllers
    • Affix the GoConex switch to the surface using an adhesive
  • Example 2: Providing new switching options
    • Control lights in garages and decks from inside the house
    • No trench work or conduit required to run switches to new locations like a pool or deck
    • Offer new options that are affordable and easy – master switching, portable switching

GoConex wire-free switching provides a significant advantage to the trade, the home builder and the customer.  The home builder reduces risk, issue and project time by being able to put switches exactly where the customer wants it when the house is complete, damage-free. They can provide more value for less cost.  The trade uses fewer materials and can do more jobs in a day with their existing workforce.  Furthermore, options like zone, master and portable switching provide new monetizing opportunities for both.

  • Example: New residential construction
    • Install a GoConex cabinet to centralize all the controllers or dimmers
    • Wire power and loads to the controllers
    • Pre-pair the switches ahead of time or pair at the cabinet
    • Install switches after the paint is dry
    • Unlock new revenue by offering zone switching, master switching and portable switching

Environment and Sustainability

GoConex wire-free switching provides new value for the installer and the customer, while saving time, money and resources, but its effect can be felt around the world.  By reducing the amount of metals and plastic related to wired or “wireless” switches there is a positive impact on our resources and landfills

There are 482,000 commercial buildings in Canada[1] and 5.6 million commercial buildings in the USA[2]. Each year, an estimated 315,000 of those undergo renovations. If 10% of those renovations adopt GoConex wire-free controls, then over 10 years we will save:

  • 176,000 tons of copper
  • 50,000 tons of steel
  • 123,000 tons of plastic
  • 16 million tons of CO2 equivalent gasses

Imagine the impact if we eliminated wired switches from all construction in the world.

How GoConex Works

Wire-Free Switching with Two Components: Switches and Controllers

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