How GoConex Wire-free Switches Work

Wire-free switches, controllers, and dimmers.

Wire-free Switches communicate to Controllers, which power connected electrical loads.

GoConex wireless light switches connect to controllers that power electrical loads

GoConex wire-free switches send “on”, “off”, and “dim” commands to controllers. Controllers send electrical current to connected electrical loads, enabling wireless light switches to be placed anywhere.

Controllers can be installed at any point in the electrical circuit.

How GoConex Works - Wireless Controllers Install Anywhere in Circuit

Place a controller at the electrical panel, the load, or anywhere in between. The controller can power multiple loads up to its maximum rating.

Pairing Switches and Controllers Together


Install a GoConex controller into an electrical box between the power and the load you want to switch. Connect the controller to power and to the lights/ motor you want to switch. If using more than one controller, group the controllers together before pairing them with switches.


3 Steps to pair wireless light switches with controllers

Pair the controller and the switch together by (1) pushing the pair button on the controller, then (2) squeezing both ends of the light switch. (3) Push the pair button again to lock the bond.


Affix the light switch to any surface and finish it with a cover plate. Or, keep the switch portable and use it as a remote control.

Create Any Wireless Switch Combination

Create any switching combination at any time during or after construction.

Pair Multiple Switches to a Controller

Three different switches can be paired with a GoConex Genius controller. GoConex Genius Pro controllers can be paired with 10 different switches.

Pair a Switch to Multiple Controllers

Pair a controller with more than one electrical load

A switch can be paired with an unlimited number of controllers.

GoConex controllers and switches use bi-directional RF communication enable true wire-free switching. Once a controller is paired to a switch, it will remember the pairing even if power to the controller is turned off.

Smart Home and BMS Ready

GoConex controllers can be grouped together in a secure network for future smart home and building management system (BMS) functionality.

Group controllers together using the same steps as pairing a switch: press “pair” on the first controller, press “pair” on the second controller, then press “pair” again on the first to confirm the group addition.

Repurpose When Required

As needs change, so can your switches. Save precious resources like copper and plastic by reusing controllers and switches in new locations or configurations.

Press and hold the “Pair” button on your controller for 5 seconds to clear saved pairing information. Now re-pair the controller with new switches.

GoConex Genius and GoConex Genius Pro

For professionals: GoConex Genius Pro in commercial applications or new residential builds.

For consumers: GoConex Genius products to solve switch problems in residential renovation and retrofit.

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