Light Switch Answers for DIY Home Owners

Light Switch Problems?

Before acting to solve their switch problem, home owners often ask:

  • How do I add a switch on the other side of my room?
  • Can I make a three-way switch here so both switches control the light?
  • How do I put a switch on my kitchen backsplash?
  • I have a small bathroom. How far does the switch need to safely be from the shower?
Remote switch typical application: place a wireless switch on a tile wall.

Does Lack of Confidence Prevent Action?

Not everyone has the skill or knowledge to tackle a switch problem. These barriers might cause a home owner to “do nothing” and choose to live with the problem:

  • Fishing wire through the wall, ceiling, and studs
  • Not knowing what’s behind the wall (pipes? old wiring?)
  • Potentially damaging the walls, tile, or brick
  • Added difficulty if the walls are lathe and plaster
  • Not having the “do-it yourself handyman” confidence to start the work

Wire-Free Switching Opens the Confidence Barrier

GoConex wire-free controls eliminate all these challenges and make it easy for home owners to solve any switch problem.

  • No wire to the switch (no drilling holes or fishing wire)
  • No need to cut holes in the wall (no damage to the wall)
  • No switch box needed (GoConex switches mount on any surface)

GoConex controllers are installed in an electrical box and connected to the power and the load. GoConex switches can be installed on any surface or be kept portable and used as a remote control.

When pressed, GoConex switches transmit on, off, or dim commands to one or more controllers. The controllers receive the command and turn the power on or off.

How GoConex wire-free switch and controller create circuit to switch power on and off

GoConex controllers can power:
Lights – halogen, LED, compact fluorescent, linear fluorescent
Motors – ceiling fans, bathroom fans, pumps, heaters

Controller load rating specifications can be found on the controller product packaging or in the specifications online at

Switches are powered by a 10-year, user-replaceable, CR2032 lithium battery.

Wire-Free Flexibility and Value

Switches and controllers are pair together in three easy steps:

3 Steps to pair wireless light switches with controllers

Press the ‘pair’ button on the controller, then squeeze and release both ends of the switch you want to pair. The LED on the controller will flash red & green to indicate it’s received the switch’s pairing signal. Press the button on the controller to confirm the pairing.

Press and hold the controller’s ‘pair’ button for 5 seconds to clear the saved pairings and start again.

The ability to pair switches and controllers gives the customer unlimited flexibility.

Multi-way Switching (3-way, 4-way)

Three different GoConex Genius switches can pair to a single Genius controller

Switch Multiple Rooms

One switch can be paired to any number of on/off and dimmer controllers.

All-On/Off Switch

A GoConex house can have all-on/off master switches that control every light.

Portable Switching

With a 100′ (30m) wireless range, customers can put switches where they choose.

goconex wireless range makes portable zone and master switches possiblePortable wireless switch in car, truck, vehicle, desk, purse, table

Smart-Home Ready

GoConex switches and controllers provide a smart-ready option at the same cost of an installed, wired switch. With the GoConex Gateway, home owners can use their GoConex controls as normal switches or from a building management system (BMS) smart-home app on their phone.

The GoConex Smart-Home Gateway enables smart-home BMS features. It is scheduled for release in Fall 2018.

Award-Winning Innovation


Our president James Keirstead and R&D directory Jim Qualie won a prestigious Manning Innovation Award for their work in developing the GoConex wire-free switch. GoConex wire-free switching increases convenience and safety while reducing economic and environmental costs for home owners, builders, and installing trades.

The Ernest C. Manning Foundation presents the Innovation Award to talented Canadian innovators who are improving the lives of Canadians and others worldwide through their commercialized innovations. The 36th Annual Awards were presented at a gala event in Toronto’s Scotiabank Centre on Nov 29.

“It is an honour to be selected as a Manning Innovation award recipient,” says Keirstead, CEO and President of Edmonton-based Levven Electronics. “Canada is relying on its innovators to connect, collaborate, experiment and solve big problems.”

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GoConex wire-free switch pioneers Jim Qualie (left) and James Keirstead (right) at the 36th Annual Ernest C Manning Awards

Conserving Precious Resources


There are 482,000 commercial a buildings in Canada[1] and 5.6 million commercial buildings in the USA[2]. Each year, an estimated 315,000 of those commercial buildings undergo renovations.

If 10% of all commercial renovations adopt GoConex products, we will save 1.6 million tons of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gasses over 10 years.

Promote the best use for copper, steel, and plastic resources in construction and reduce greenhouse gas emissions for “renovations for generations”.

GoConex is one of two finalists for the 2016 Canada Green Building Product of the Year award.

wireless switch conservation little-girl-renovations-for-generations

Wireless Switches Available for Home Owners

GSW Genius Wireless Rocker-Style Switch, White
GSLA Genius Wireless Rocker-Style Switch, Light Almond
GC10 Genius 10 Amp Wireless Controller
GDT15 Genius 1.5 Amp Wireless Dimmer Controller
GK1W Genius Wireless Switch Kit, White
GK1LA Genius Wireless Switch Kit, Light Almond
GK3W Genius Wireless 3-Way Switch Kit, White (includes two switches)
GK3LA Genius Wireless 3-Way Switch Kit, Light Almond (includes two switches)
GDK1W Genius Wireless Dimmer Kit, White
GDK1LA Genius Wireless Dimmer Kit, Light Almond
GDK3W Genius Wireless 3-Way Dimmer Kit, White (includes two switches)
GDK3LA Genius Wireless 3-Way Dimmer Kit, Light Almond (includes two switches)

Where to Purchase GoConex

Choose from one of our retail partners to purchase GoConex wire-free switches for your project.

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