Lowe’s Canada stores now selling Innovation Award-winning wire-free switches

Canadian home improvement retailer Lowe’s Canada is now stocking GoConex wire-free switches at 60 store locations in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. This marks the largest retail partnership to date for Edmonton-based Levven Electronics, Ltd., makers of GoConex wire-free controls.

GoConex wire-free switching eliminates the wire that physically connects the switch to the light or motor by separating the rocker interface from the switch contacts. The switch can go on any surface, wire-free, while the dimmer or on/off controller fits in a junction box between the power and the load. One or more switches can be “paired” with one or more controllers.

With no need to run wire, cut holes in walls, install switch boxes, or run conduit, installing a switch is now faster, affordable and removes the risk of damage and issue.

GoConex GSW wireless switch available at Lowe's Canada
GoConex 3-way switch kit with GC10 controller and GSW wireless switches
GDT15 dimmer and GSW wireless switches now stocked at Lowe's Canada

“Any time we see a product that makes something easier for a home improvement contractor or home owner, we know there’s opportunity,” stated Lowe’s Canada Merchandise Manager Corey Thompson. “The GoConex switches will give our customers a fast, painless option for switch installation. We believe an easy-to-install switch will make it easier for them to buy and install light fixtures, ceiling fans, and other items that require the addition of an electrical switch.”

Levven Electronics CEO and President James Keirstead remarks on the success of GoConex: “We’ve developed a wire-free product that reduces waste, saves time and money, and introduces new features that traditional wired switches can’t deliver.

“2017 was a big year for us. We launched our new smart-ready Genius and Genius Pro product lines. We won an Ernest C. Manning Innovation Award. The momentum we’re getting from retailers, consumers, builders, and electrical contractors really demonstrates the game-changing value of wire-free switching.”

GoConex offers the Genius line of products for consumers and the Genius Pro line for professional electrical trades.

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