More Installations in Less Time

How can a “green” product help Electrical Contractors earn higher profits without changing the price they bill their customer?

Complete More Work with the Same Crew

GoConex can maximize what your existing crews can do in a day. Eliminating the wired switch leg allows for a much faster switch installation.


Wire-free controls mount on any surface, or can be kept portable for use as a remote. Decisions about switch locations can be done after the walls are finished. This decreases the time required for the electrical rough-in and simplifies the finishing phase. For more information about how GoConex wire-free controls work, go to this page.

Conserve Precious Resources

GoConex has been nominated by the Canada Green Building Council as one of two finalists for the Green Building Product of the Year Award. If 10% of all commercial renovations adopt GoConex wire-free controls, we will save 1.6 million tons of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gasses over 10 years.

Join us in promoting the best use of our resources for “generations of renovations”. See more conservation data at

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