GoConex Genius Wireless Switch Light Almond – GSLA (Works with Genius Controllers)


GoConex Genius GSLA wireless decorator-style switch (light almond) with LED status.  Included mounting anchors and screws. Works with GoConex Genius and Genius Pro controllers.

GoConex Genius products are not compatible with GoConex Basic Products.

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Switches transmit on/off or dim commands. Controllers receive the command and open/close the circuit. Install a GoConex on any surface after the walls have been painted. Or, keep it portable and use it as a remote control.

  • Decorator-style switch/ finish with any light almond decorator wall plate
  • Sends and receives RF signals to and from controllers
  • Runs off a common a 3V CR2032 lithium button battery and has a 10 year battery life
  • Attaches to any surface, wire-free – no holes, switch boxes or damage

Each Genius switch contains a small LED indicator to let you know that the switch and Genius controllers are communicating properly. When you press the switch, the controller sends a confirmation back to the switch and the LED will blink to let you know that the controller did the command.

The LED also flashes when the battery has 10% life remaining, providing plenty of time to replace the battery.

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Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 6 x .5 x 8 in