GoConex FAQ

What is the warranty on GoConex products?

GoConex products are covered by a 1-year limited warranty. Please visit our Warranty page for full details.

When can I buy a GoConex dimmer?

Genius GDT15 and Genius Pro GPDT15 dimming controllers are available for sale now.

When can I buy a higher-powered GoConex controller?

The Genius Pro GPC20 20 amp controller is available to purchase.

If there was a surge or lightning strike, would the owner have to open every junction box to replace and/or reprogram the controller?

Genius and Genius Pro controllers include a single MOV which provides limited protection from power surge damage. Homes using electronic-based controls and home appliances should invest in a panel surge protection device.

If the controller is damaged by a power surge, it will need to be replaced.

Why does the controller have unique ratings for different fixtures?

The rating for LED, CFL and Linear Fluorescent are based on driver and ballast efficiency. We have published ratings that take into account worst case scenario. If the power factor is known, multiply the resistive load rating by power factor then factor down by 10% for a safety margin. For example, a linear fluorescent electronic ballast with a 0.95 ballast factor would calculate as follows:

600 x 0.95 = 570 x 0.9 = 513 watts

Does the switch come in different colors?

GoConex switches are available in white and light almond.