GoConex Wireless Performance

GoConex Wireless Range

The transmitter in the GoConex Wireless Switch has a range of 250 feet / 75 meters.

This range is more than sufficient to work throughout most homes and commercial buildings.

What variables can affect your wireless performance?

The GoConex Wireless Switch uses radio frequency (RF) signals to send “on” and “off” instructions to the Controllers. If something blocks that RF signal, then the effective range between the Switch and Controller is reduced.

  1. Do not install the GoConex switch on a metal base. This severely reduces the wireless range of the transmitter.
  2. Walls and obstacles (i.e., refrigerator, big screen TV, etc.) between the Switch and Controller will absorb some of the RF signal from the transmitter. Each barrier will reduce the maximum range by approximately 25-30%.
  3. Walls built with dense materials like brick and concrete absorb more of the RF signal than walls made of wooden studs and drywall.
  4. If the Controller’s antenna is installed inside a metal junction box (instead of outside the metal box), the wireless reception for that Controller will be diminished. The metal box will block a part of the RF signal. This can be avoided by extending the controller’s wire antenna from its plastic enclosure through a knockout hole in the metal box.

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