Installing GoConex Controller

How to install a GoConex Controller in a junction box or device box.


  • TO AVOID FIRE SHOCK OR DEATH; TURN OFF POWER at circuit breaker or fuse and test that power is off before installing GoConex products!
  • Install and/or use GoConex in accordance with local electrical codes and regulations.
  • GoConex Controllers are to be mounted in electrical junction boxes of suitable size to satisfy the electrical code in your area.
  • If you are unsure about any part of these instructions, consult a qualified electrician.

Connect Wires to the Controller

  1. Connect the black power wire to the black wire of the controller
  2. Connect the black load wire to the red wire from the controller
  3. Connect the white wires from the power, load, and controller together

Mount the Controller in an Electrical Box

  1. Insert the GoConex Controller inside an electrical box (e.g. a junction box or device box). An optional GSC50 connection coupling can slide onto the controller and push-fit into a 1/2” knockout hole.
  2. If using steel electrical boxes, position the controller’s antenna wire outside the box for best reception.
  3. The antenna can be inside a plastic electrical box without affecting wireless reception.

Turn Power On

  1. When your connections are safely completed, energize the circuit by closing the breaker or fuse at the panel.
  2. When powered, the LED status indicator on the Controller will be lit GREEN.
  3. When your Controller is connected and powered, you can pair it with a GoConex Wire-Free Switch.

Group Controllers (if using Multiple Controllers)

When more than one controller is being used on your project, group all the controllers being used in the project before pairing switches to controllers. All controllers must be ‘grouped’ together in order to create a secure network unique to that building/area. Only controllers with no previous grouping or pairing can join the group. 

  1. Press the ‘Pair’ button on one controller (C1). The LED on the controller will flash green.
  2. Press the ‘Pair’ button on another controller (C2) to be added to the group, the LED will flash green.
  3. The LED on the first controller (C1) will have changed from flashing green to flashing red/green. Press the ‘Pair’ button this controller confirm the grouping between C1 and C2. The LED will flash green 3 times to indicate success.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 to add to group all the controllers in your project together.
  5. To remove a controller from a group, press and hold the button on the controller for 10 seconds until the LED flashes rapidly 10 times.

NOTE: If there is no pairing request received within 60 seconds, the controller will quit the pairing procedure and the LED will return to a solid green indicator.

Pair Switches and Controllers Together

Switches transmit on, off, and dim commands to GoConex controllers. Read instructions for switch pairing here.

How to Reset the Controller’s Pairing and Group Configuration

  1. To clear the controller’s paired switch memory, press and hold the ‘Pair’ button for 5 seconds. The LED will flash red to indicate the switch pairings have been cleared.
  2. To clear a controller’s saved group memory, press and hold the ‘Pair’ button for 10 seconds. The LED will flash red to indicate the memory has been cleared.
  3. If using multiple controllers, group the controller before pairing it with other switches.