Installing GoConex Wireless Switch

1) How to use your GoConex Wireless Switch

After you’ve paired your GoConex Wireless Switch with one or more Controllers, you can turn your electrical loads on and off by pressing the switch up and down.

“Up” always sends the “on” command to the Load Controller. “Down” always sends the “off” command.

GoConex wireless switch press up for on, down for off

The switch rests in a neutral position, so you never have three-way or four-way switches that look “out of sync” with each other (e.g. one switch is up and the other is down).

2) Mounting your switch on a wall or other finished surface

The GoConex Wireless Switch can be mounted onto any surface.

Depending on what electrical loads you are turning on and off, you can choose to mount your switch on a wall or pillar. You can leave it on your bedside table or put it in your car. You can mount it on your tile backsplash or leave it in a drawer.

Typical installation on a finished wall:

Typical installations use a standard decora plate to cover the switch. Use the small screws that were included with the plate to attach the plate to the switch. Mount the switch and cover onto a wall using a paint-safe adhesive strip.

You can also screw the plate and switch into the drywall using the screws that were included with your decora cover plate.

3) Support

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