Pairing GoConex Switch and Controller

1) Press the 'Pair' button

Press the “PAIR” button on the Controller. The LED on the controller will begin flash green slowly to indicate that the Controller is ready to receive a Lock Signal from a GoConex Wireless Switch.

NOTE: If there is no pairing request received within 60 seconds, the controller will quit the pairing procedure and the LED will return to a solid green indicator.

GoConex Load Controller pairing button and LED indicator light

2) Send a Lock Signal from the Wireless Switch

Squeeze both ends of a GoConex Switch to send a wireless “lock signal” to the Controller. Give it a strong squeeze to successfully contact both ends of the switch.

When the Controller has received the lock signal from the switch, the LED status indicator will rapidly flash green and red.

3) Confirm the pair on the Controller

Press “PAIR” on the Controller to confirm the pairing. The LED will rapidly flash green to indicate success.

Now the Controller will work with the On and Off commands sent from this wireless switch.

4) How to clear saved pairings from the Controller

To remove a Switch from the Controller’s memory, press and hold the “CLEAR” button on the Controller for 5 seconds. The LED will flash red to indicate the memory has been cleared.

Now this Controller has no paired switches. Repeat steps 1-3 and pair at least one Switch to use the Controller.

5) Install your GoConex Wireless Switch

Your have paired your Controller to one or more Switches. Go to the next Support Page to read about installing your Switch on any finished surface.