Replacing the battery in a GoConex Switch

1) Battery type and life span

The transmitter in a GoConex Wireless Switch is powered by a CR2032 button cell lithium battery. Batteries of this type last about 10 years.

When the battery is expired, the switch will no longer function.

2) Replacing the battery in the GoConex Wireless Switch

  1. Open the switch rocker by prying down from the top of the switch. If you have difficulty, try using a small flat-head screw driver to pry the rocker off of the switch base.
  2. Slip the old battery out of the contact housing.
  3. Insert the new battery.
  4. Snap the switch rocker back onto the switch base. Make sure you match the silicone pads on the back of the rocker with the top and bottom contacts on the switch’s circuit board.

3) Support

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