Tim Costello: Wire-Free Technology is Important for Builders and Homeowners

Tim Costello, President and CEO of BDX, joined Marv Verlage from Levven Electronics at TecHome Summit 2017 for an on-the-spot exploration of what makes Levven’s GoConex switches worthwhile for builders and homeowners.

No wire or switch boxes need to be installed when using GoConex wireless switches and controllers.

“The whole purpose of GoConex is to help contractors get through their work faster so that builders can deliver homes on time,” manufacturer Marv Verlage explains.

Eliminating the wired switch reduces rough-in time so that each trade can complete their work earlier and finish the home faster.

“We’ve got mile and miles of wire in every house that doesn’t do anything but control. It’s not providing the power. It’s just providing control,” notes Tim Costello.

“GoConex solves the problem when you look at the home and say, ‘Oh! I wish that switch wasn’t there, I wish I could move it.’ Another run for the electrician. 32 more feet of wire or 62 more feet of wire. Drywall, patching, dust, dirt everywhere.”

“[With the wire-free approach], you could have your superintendent go and say ‘Would you put a couple more of these switches in for the customer?’ And you’re done. Boom.”

Tim Costello President and CEO of BDX. Tim is a sought after keynote speaker for events around the country. He is often invited to speak about technology trends, digital transformation, being intentional in your life and business, and more.

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