Using GoConex  Switches at Home

Benefits of wire-free switching for consumers and home owners.

Using GoConex Switches at Home

Benefits of wire-free switching for consumers and home owners.

Wire-free switches solve every light switch problem in minutes.

No holes. No damage. No wires. No switch boxes.

Adding new switches for a home renovation, addressing a poor-location switch problem or adding a remote switch at the other end of the room has never been easier.

GoConex wire-free switches and controllers install in minutes to provide easy solutions to every switch problem. Aside from offering convenient and easy solutions, it is also the more affordable solution because there’s no need to buy the material or tools normally associated with wired switches.

It’s as easy as:

  • Install a GoConex on/off controller or dimmer between the power and the load in an existing switch box or junction box in minutes.
  • Create a “hard” connection by pairing the controllers or dimmers to GoConex switches.
  • Have your switch where you need it.

Typical Applications at Home

Add a Switch

Want to add a second switch at the other end of the room? No problem.

Install a controller between the electrical panel and the lights you want to power. Pair the switch with that controller and put the switch where you want it.

Remote switch: typical application is to add a wireless switch.

Switch Multiple Lights

Want a switch that controls your child’s bedroom lights, hallway lights and bathroom lights so you can ensure they always have a safe path at night? Create a “zone” switch – one switch that controls multiple lights.

Install controllers in the junction boxes of the lights you want to power. Pair two switches to these controllers. Have one switch by your bed, and put the other in your child’s bedroom where it’s low enough for them to reach.

GoConex switches can easily be moved to accommodate the different needs in life. If a family member is unable to reach the light switch because they are disabled or very young, mount a switch where it’s accessible to them. As they grow or their needs change, you can move the switch easily.

Remote switches: typical application is controlling two lights with one switch.

Brick Wall or Tile Backsplash

Want to a put a switch on the tile backsplash in your kitchen, but don’t want to risk damaging tile by cutting holes? Or maybe you want a switch on a concrete wall in your basement without the challenge of running wire and conduit?

GoConex switches mount on any surface, without holes or switch boxes. Add switches anywhere: drywall, tile, brick, wood, concrete… even glass.

Remote switch typical application: place a wireless switch on a tile wall.

Old Fragile Wiring

Adding or moving a switch in an old home can be problematic if the wiring is old and fragile. Fortunately, GoConex doesn’t need wires, holes, switch boxes, or any invasive labor to fix switch problems.

Install GoConex controllers in the existing junction boxes or switch boxes, pair switches as needed, and mount the switches on the surface.

Remote switch can help you avoid causing damage to old wire.

Portable Switch

You want to feel safer when you come home at night. No problem – the switches do not have be to stuck to a wall. GoConex Genius products have a range of 100’. Keep one as a portable switch in your car and turn on the lights in your house from your driveway.

Remote switch: take the switch with you anywhere.

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Wire-Free Switching with Two Components: Switches and Controllers

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