GoConex for Governments

Responsible stewardship of environment and economy.

GoConex for Governments

Responsible stewardship of environment and economy.

Sustainability and Improved Outcomes

The world’s industrialized countries recognize the value of promoting clean technology by funding programs, funding and legislation to accelerate innovation and adoption. When done well, the outcomes are significant:

  • Reduced carbon footprint – less waste
  • Fewer resources required
  • Better workforce efficiencies, increased capacity, and lowered costs

GoConex wire-free switch provides immediate results to accelerate all of these outcomes.

Environmental Stewardship

Green Building Product of the Year Nominee

In recognition of GoConex contribution to greener building solutions, GoConex was nominated by the Canada Green Building Council as one of two finalists for the Green Building Product of the Year Award.

Easing Labor and Trade Occupation Pressures

GoConex wire-free switching provides better outcomes for trades, businesses and end-users. By eliminating wired switches, the installation becomes easier and time spent on projects is reduced. This means increased capacity for trades to accomplish more with the labor they have available today.

Estimating becomes more reliable and jobs become more affordable. Renovations and retrofits are challenging for the trade to accurately predict time and cost due to unforeseen complexities “behind the walls”. By eliminating the need to cut holes, fish wire and risk damage, renovations that would normally take hours are reduce to minutes, benefiting both the the trade and the customer.

Labor savings on new residential and commercial projects equates to more development, more jobs, and a healthier tax base for government.

Efficient and Lean Processes for Inspectors

Providing approvals in a timely fashion with the resources available is a challenge for many government bodies. Wire-free switching can significantly reduce inspection times and increase the number of approvals without adding more inspectors. It also provides added surety for inspectors given the amount wiring is reduced.

Reduced risk and waste for industry

Businesses, building managers and all manner of trade industries face the risk of change. Sometimes it’s a flaw in the design, the need for something different, or redevelopment of the space. GoConex reduces the risk around switching modification because:

  • Switch and controller combinations can be easily added to or changed
  • Switches can be moved without affecting other systems or surfaces

With GoConex, risks involving waste, time, damage, cost, labor and supplies are eliminated.  Any adjustments can happen on site with minimal impact for both the user and those responsible. Switches and controllers can change as the space changes. Switches can go on exactly where they are required, “after the paint is dry”.

Affordable Accessibility

Temporary and permanently disabled people, children and people with mobility impairments now have an easy way to have access to switches. Because GoConex doesn’t use wired switch legs, switches can be raised, lowered, moved, or made portable to meet the changing needs of those who require easy access. Anyone can move a GoConex switch if they need to.

Improved Safety

GoConex eliminates live voltage at the switch, which means it can be installed in areas where traditional switching is unsafe. Small bathrooms can now have switch inside the bathroom. Industrial areas can have a switch near high-fume areas. GoConex is a safe way to deliver convenient switching for consumers and businesses.

Personal Security

Zone and master switching provide additional security opportunities for consumers and industry. Because GoConex can easily be paired to one or more controllers that can control a bank of lights, this option becomes available to everyone. Security guards can turn lights on or off from safe locations. Home owners can turn on some or all their home lights as they drive up.  A switch can be paired to turn on the bedroom lights, the hallway lights and the bathroom lights for their child or elderly parent.

Easy Experience for the User

GoConex uses a 2-way RF communication that delivers a dependable result as good as a traditional “hard-wire” switch.  Confirmation via an LED light on the switch informs the user that communication between the switch and the controller is sound and the on/off or dim message has been sent. The user can be confident knowing that the switch is working fine and if a light doesn’t go on, it’s probably burnt out or there is an issue with the light wiring or breaker.

Either way, the user will know if the switch or controller is working.

How GoConex Works

Wire-Free Switching with Two Components: Switches and Controllers

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