GoConex for Home Builders

Reduce time, cost, and complexity.

GoConex for Home Builders

Reduce time, cost, and complexity.

A business breakthrough for Residential Home Builders

Simplify construction and deliver more homes faster

GoConex reduces time, cost, and complexity in every build.

Deliver homes faster while reducing labor costs.

GoConex switches are completely wire-free. There’s no wire between the switch and the light and no need for switch boxes or cutting holes in the drywall.

By eliminating the need for switch legs, electrical trades and drywall trades can complete their work faster so that other trades can start sooner.

Wire-free switches:

  • Eliminate 25% of the wire used to wire a home
  • Reduce the time that electrical, drywall, and painting trades need to complete a home
  • Increase labor efficiencies because trades can complete more homes with existing crews
  • Decrease the time it takes to deliver a home
  • Offer new functionality that wired-switches can’t deliver

Keep your homes at the same price.

The cost of the installed switch remains the same, and costs are reduced in other areas so every home can be converted to cash faster.

  1. New Profits Without Additional Cost
    Offer portable, zone, and master controls after the home built for new profits from features that add security, convenience and safety.
  2. Increased Trade Capacity
    Electrical, drywall, and finishing trades spend less time in each house which means more productivity for the same cost
  3. No Holes, No Switch Boxes, No Conduit = No Switch Drama
    GoConex switches go on after the paint is dry which means adding or adjusting switches is easy and inexpensive with minimal disruption. Switches can be kept portable or mount on any surface: drywall, concrete, wood and tile.
  4. Reduced Materials and Waste
    By reducing the wire required for each house, eliminating switch boxes and conduit, and reducing waste related to drywall cutouts and wiring, cost savings can be realized in terms of materials, waste removal and clean-up.

Attract Buyers – Value for the Customer

GoConex helps builders attract more buyers by delivering the features they want without increasing the cost of the home.

  1. Deliver Features Every Buyer Can Afford
    Whether home buyers want convenience, security or safety, GoConex can provide it with single switches, multi-way, zone, and master switching
  2. No Systems or Networking
    GoConex is a simple, affordable control that behaves exactly as every home buyer expects it to.
  3. Flexibility for Future Needs
    Home owners have the option to move or add switches, or pair switch/controller combinations whenever and wherever they want.
  4. Affordable Eco-Friendly Decision
    Home buyers can participate in a real conservation story that reduces building materials and waste without having to pay more.


By eliminating switch legs in renovation, retro-fit and new commercial/residential construction, a significant amount of copper, steel , plastic and CO2 reduction can be realized.

There are 482,000 commercial buildings in Canada[1] and 5.6 million commercial buildings in the USA[2]. Each year, an estimated 315,000 of those undergo renovations. If 10% of those renovations adopt GoConex wire-free controls, then over 10 years we will save:

  • 176,000 tons of copper
  • 50,000 tons of steel
  • 123,000 tons of plastic
  • 16 million tons of CO2 equivalent gasses

Construction Specifications Canada indicates that 23% of all waste is generated by the construction industry. As well, this waste is sometimes illegally dumped or burned resulting in land, air and water pollution[3].

GoConex also delivers more efficient energy-use than traditional wiring.  A controller uses less energy than “copper loss” produced by electrical currents. Copper loss is the undesirable transfer of energy produced by electrical currents in electrical devices. With no current running to a switch leg, this loss is eliminated.

Green Building Product of the Year Nominee

In recognition of GoConex contribution to greener building solutions, GoConex was nominated by the Canada Green Building Council as one of two finalists for the Green Building Product of the Year Award.

How GoConex Works

Wire-Free Switching with Two Components: Switches and Controllers

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