GoConex for           Manufacturers

Remove the customer’s worry and increase product sales.

GoConex for Manufacturers

Remove the customer’s worry and increase product sales.

Attract more customers by making your product easier to install

If you sell a product into the renovation/retrofit market where installing or changing a switch is complicated – you are our customer.

For many consumers, the purchase of a bathroom fan or garbage disposal is affected by how easy the installation will be. If cutting holes and running wire for the “on/off” switch is outside of the customer’s comfort zone, they will either hire someone do it for them or not buy the product.

Even a handyperson will encounter switch installation challenges that may necessitate hiring a professional electrician to install product.

If you include a wire-free solution that eliminates the need to wire a switch, your product becomes easy and low-risk for the customer.

Eliminating wired switches

If your customer thinks installing a switch is a barrier, we have the answer for you.

GoConex opens up new markets by taking away the worry or problems associated with switch wiring. By eliminating the concerns around “how do I cut tile”, “how do I run wire without cutting the drywall”, “how am I going to get a switchbox in that tight space”, you eliminate the barriers to sale.

Manufacturers can leverage the GoConex brand to help promote the efficacy of their brand. Having a GoConex wire-free switch as a part of your electric product not only provides you with increased sales, you add a new competitive differentiator that will be a deciding factor when consumers are comparing product options. Join other manufacturers who offer products with wire-free controls in the box.

  • Example: A bathroom exhaust fan that’s been GoConex enabled
    • Creates a ready-to-go solution out of the package
    • Makes the installation easier and quicker
    • Eliminates any switch wiring anxiety and effort

How GoConex Works

Wire-Free Switching with Two Components: Switches and Controllers

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