Wire-Free Advantage

Get the features you want without paying more.

Wire-Free Advantage

Get the features you want without paying more.

Wire-free controls eliminate the wire between the switch and the electrical light/load to deliver:

  • Lower costs compared with traditional wired switches and in-room remote switches
  • More features and options compared with traditional wired switches at the same installed price
  • Labor and material savings

Here’s how wire-free switches compare:


Traditional Wired Switch

Wired-Wireless Switch

Wire-Free Switch

Low Installed CostGoodGoodGood
Fast Installation TimePoorPoorGood
Conserve MaterialsPoorPoorGood
Create Any Switch Combination During or After ConstructionPoorPoorGood
Easy to Install, Move, or Add SwitchesPoorPoorGood
Multi-Way Switching with up to 10 SwitchesCautionCautionGood

Benefits of Wire-Free Switching

Install a switch in minutes, every time. GoConex reduces the time and effort needed for switch installation:

  • No running wire
  • No cutting holes
  • No running conduit
  • No damage and no repairs
  • No complications

GoConex reduces the amount of materials needed to install switches:

  • No wire
  • No conduit
  • No switch boxes
  • No post-installation mudding or painting
  • Conserve resources

Put Switches Where You Need Them

GoConex switches can go on any surface: drywall, wood, concrete, glass, tile, or other. Wire-free switches can also be portable in your pocket, car or bedside table.

  • Affix to any surface – drywall, wood, concrete, glass, tile, etc.
  • Portable switching for safety and convenience– car, bedside table, pocket
  • Easily moveable to accommodate life changes – mobility challenges, small children

Easy and Adaptable Switching Combinations

GoConex switches and controllers/dimmers pair together to create a wireless connection as secure and dependable as a hard-wired connection.

Create any switching combination by pairing one or more switches with one or more controllers.

Multi-way switching:

  • Add a controller or controllers to the light sources you want to control
  • Pair those controllers to two switches
  • Put the switches where you need them

Zone switching:

  • Add controllers to the lights in the area or zone you wish to control
  • Pair all the controllers to one or more switches
  • Put the switches where you need them

Master switching:

  • Install commercial-grade GPC20 controllers at the box
  • Pair a switch with all the controllers to create a master switch
  • Put a master switch by each door, and have a portable master switch for your vehicle

For both GoConex Genius and Genius Pro product lines, switches can be paired to an infinite number of controllers or dimmers. GoConex Genius allows for three switches to be paired to one controller or dimmer, Genius Pro allows for up to 10 switches.

SMART and BMS Ready

GoConex controllers are designed to work with hub for easy pairing, configuration and data collection to monitor switching controls. Contact us to learn more.

GoConex Genius and GoConex Genius Pro

For professionals: GoConex Genius Pro in commercial applications or new residential builds.

For consumers: GoConex Genius products to solve switch problems in residential renovation and retrofit.