GoConex for Professional Electricians

Faster Installations. Faster Projects. New Value.

GoConex for Professional Electricians

Faster Installations. Faster Projects. New Value.

Reduce Costs

Carry less inventory, save time and cash on switch installations, and complete more jobs every month.

Efficiently Allocate Labor

GoConex switches enable trades to do more jobs, faster, in the allotted time, with the same workforce. Labor improvements are realized in three key areas:

  1. Job Estimations (labor allocation): wire-free switching means accurately estimating and quoting jobs, reducing the time to provide estimates.
  2. Faster Installations: by eliminating materials, associated efforts related to wired switches and the drama around damage or call-backs, crews are able to complete more jobs in less time.
  3. Delivering Complete Jobs: Risk reduction and eliminating uncertainty means even the most complex jobs can be completed in the estimated time, on budget and with high customer satisfaction.

Inventory Reduction, Conservation

GoConex wire-free switching significantly reduces material costs because:

  • Inventory shrinks (less wire, less conduit, and switch boxes are no longer required)
  • Inventory in the warehouse and service vehicles lasts longer
  • Waste is reduced – click here to learn how GoConex impacts the environment and promotes sustainability while saving money

Lower Labor Costs

Troubleshooting GoConex switches is drama-free. With no wired switch leg, it’s easy to move, add, or change what the switch controls… all without cutting and drilling holes, pulling wire, or running into complications.

Commercial and residential switching can be done in a fraction of the time. Pairing switches to controllers and dimmers can happen all at once in the shop before you arrive at the job site. For bigger commercial and residential, the GoConex Cabinet can hold up to 12 controllers together, making wiring, controller access and pairing fast and easy.

How GoConex Works

Wire-Free Switching with Two Components: Switches and Controllers

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